Overall Eligibility:

1. Must be a member of our UnorthoDOCx program (subscribe)

2. Must be a non-traditional pre-medical student (you do not have to currently be in school)

Donor/Sponsor Interest:

Griffin Excellence Award

Award: $700

1 Student

The Griffin Excellence Award will be given to one student who encompasses an excellent all around student and great body of work. Some measures can include: community service, impact on community, leadership, great merit, dedication, innovation, etc. This award stems from the Founder Khailah N-R Griffin and her family. 


UnorthoDOCx Inspiration Award

Award: $300

3 Students

The UnorthoDOCx Inspiration Award is designed for students that have been inspired or inspire others to pursue their dreams in medicine. This award will be given to three students who share their inspirational path to medicine “non-traditional journey.” 

MCAT Prep Bundles

Award: MCAT study bundle with 3-month free access

4 students 

MCAT-Prep has sponsored us to provide six students with 3 free months of MCAT prep bundles annually. Students who are currently applying/ getting ready for the MCAT exam will be eligible to apply and receive this award.

Gold Standard also teaches DAT prep, OAT prep, and premeds for Australia, the UK and Ireland: GAMSAT.

UnorthoDOCx Perseverance Award

The UnorthoDOCx Perseverance Award is designed for students who encompass the strength and ambition regardless of circumstances to pursue their medical dreams. This award will be given to those on need base that have shown dedication and perseverance through their non-traditional pre-medical journey.

Ezekwesili Award for Future Female Physicians

This scholarship’s purpose is to provide opportunities for

black women on the unconventional path to medicine while highlighting an individual that exhibits passion and commitment to the medical field. Some measures can include but are not limited to community service, leadership, dedication, innovation, etc.

*Mothers are encouraged to apply*


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