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The Road to Medical Excellence 

UnorthoDOCx is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to non-traditional pre-medical students. These services are designed and tailored to the needs of those who need more support/guidance on their journey. UnorthoDOCx defines a non traditional pre-med student  as: a student that takes the unconventional path to medicine including but not limited to: being a non science major, 25+ years old , career change from another profession, etc. UnorthoDOCx seeks to build a strong community of non traditional pre-medical students while offering several services that propel students to success. We aim to provide many opportunities for those on the path to medicine while ensuring a safe, resourceful, and encouraging environment for all. We also hope to inspire others to choose a non traditional path knowing they can and will still be successful as a future MD/DO.


"As the culmination of my undergraduate time nears, the gravity of my experience as a nontraditional pre-medical student called me to do some deep and honest reflection.

I realized that several other friends/colleagues on the unconventional path to medicine were going through the same predicament of feeling behind, having lack of resources, and wanting a program designed to help the specific struggles that come with being non-traditional. After years of not finding any resource groups, I decided to take action and build UnorthoDOCx! My hope is that other non-traditional pre-medical students can feel empowered and knowing they will attain all the necessary resources/guides to be successful."

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